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Energizing Indiana
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Energizing Indiana




Johnny Appleseed Joins Forces to help the environment.  A simple energy survey for your home will not only help save the environment but help out our festival as well!  (Only for IN residents)



It's all about helping the environment and that is why the Johnny Appleseed Festival has chosen to partner with this Indiana entity.  Energizing Indiana has a special program for Hoosier homeowners.  This short, in-home energy survey conducted by Energizing Indiana employees is simple, easy and best of all - you are left with a special kit that includes special light bulbs, faucet aerators and other helpful items that will increase comfort - promote energy savings - Improve IN-Home air quality and best of all - help reduce the use of our precious resources that ultimately pollute the environment.


Did we mention that this will cost you NOTHING!  It's FREE!  No gimmicks - no hidden costs.


So why did Johnny Appleseed join forces with Energizing Indiana?

Our festival is all about promoting an outdoor family friendly program.  One of our philosophies is helping the environment.  This joint venture between multiple utility companies here in the State of Indiana is doing just the same - reducing energy consumption and improving the environment as a result.  As a special help to the Festival, Energizing Indianan will donate $25 to the festival for each schedules In-Home Survey that is made through the special link below.

Wait - Won't I get spammed or get harrasing phone calls or repeat people to my door if I do this?

NO!  That is not what this program is about at all.  A simple In-Home energy survey is all that is involved.  NO future calls.  No future door knockers, NOTHING!  We took special care in finding out all about this part to ensure it was a good fit and that we would not be promoting something that would result in less than acceptable conditions for our festival friends.  You can rest assured that once your In-Home energy survey is complete - THAT IS IT!.  You get your nice box of goodies and that will be the last you'll see of them - unless you choose on your own to do something more about saving energy in your home and ultimately helping the environment.


It's That Easy!  All you have to do is follow this link: JAF-Energizing Indiana Fill out your In-Home survey request and it's all done.  Painless, easy - and best of all your helping yourself potentially save money on your home energy costs AND helping out the Johnny Appleseed Festival all at the same time!