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Festival Areas

Why do people come to the festival?   Well, depending on who you ask, it could and is for a number of reasons. There are people that travel hours, from other states not only to participate but also to sample the vast array of food, crafts and antiques that are available in this two day period festival.


There are so many sights to see. You have things for the children in the children's area (don't forget to look behind the trees and see if you find me, Johnny Appleseed, hiding somewhere), delicous treats of all kinds from the wide selection of old fashioned food vendors just to get started.


Now don't forget to stop by and see the blacksmith work his wonderous magic on various pieces of metal, turning them into many things like coat hooks or outdoor planter holders. There are all kinds of demonstrations going on all day long to enjoy.


Did I mention the Farmer's Market? Oh, you've got to stop by and see the farm fresh array of fruits and vegetables and well as dried herbs. Mums the word on the gigantic selection of Mum's for Mom, or even take home a few for yourself.


Don't forget our special guests that stroll around the park. Why, if you look hard enough, you might even find the President himself there! Why yes, look all around, he should stand out very easily considering how tall President Abe Lincoln stands above a crowd.


The lovely ladies of the Ol' Settler's will have your head spinning. Well, maybe just the wheel of their spinning wheels while they demonstrate to all how to turn wool into yarn and thread.


As you can see, there are many, many reasons to come to the festival. Oh, I almost forgot, the gathering of the bands! If you love a good bagpipe (and who doesn't) then stop over to the Festival Stage area at 2pm SHARP! and listen to all the roving bands as they come together and play in unison. And then there is the bone chilling skin crawling tear jerking melody of Amazing Grace. Wow! My skin gets goose bumps just thinking about that beautiful melody that floats over all the grounds.


Well, I hope you'll come on down and see me. I'd love to meet you and your family. See you soon!