2022 Dates:  September 17th & 18th
Sat: 10am - 6pm    Sun: 10am - 5pm

Food Vendor Rules

Food Booth Vendor Rules

The following rules supplement our Vendor Guidelines as they relate to food vendors.  All vendors acknowledge they will abide by these rules per the submission of your application.

These rules & requirements are supplement to the overall general guidelines noted in previous page.



  • One (1) 20’x20’ “Food Tent” per food booth.  Tent has side poles at the 10' mark and 1 large center pole. (for planning purposes)  There are no side coverings.
  • An educational experience for 3,500 participants and over 200,000 visitors
  • Security
  • First aid facilities
  • ATM Services
  • Trash removal
  • Comfort stations
  • Continuous entertainment on multiple stages
  • Information booth
  • Event marketing and publicity
  • Quality control
  • Crowd control

SET UP: May begin at Noon the Friday of the festival, and should be complete, with vehicles off the park grounds, by 9:00 a.m. Saturday and Sunday, rain or shine. (See your application for dates)

LIABILITY INSURANCE: The Johnny Appleseed Festival requires that each vendor provide liability coverage with a certificate of insurance in the amount of at least $300,000, naming the Johnny Appleseed Festival, Inc. as additional insured.

FOOD VENDORS WITHOUT INSURANCE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SETUP. The certificate is due to the area chairperson within 30 days of receiving notification of acceptance into the Festival.

%SPLITS: Participants are required to submit a detailed financial statement in the format provided by the Festival Board, along with a check for 20% of the net profit. This form will be sent with the final mailing before the Festival. This form and check are due to your area chairperson no later than November 1, 2021.  The application fee is not to be deducted as an expense from  the 20% net profit share. Your application fee is not negotiable or transferable. PAID LABOR IS NOT DEDUCTIBLE AS AN EXPENSE. Failure to meet this deadline will jeopardize your status for future Festivals.

ACCEPTANCE: All applicants are carefully screened. You will be notified by mail or email of your acceptance into the Festival.  Notifications will be made after the application deadline date.  Please contact your area representative if you do not receive notification after thirty (30) days of the application deadline date.

WEATHER EVACUATIONS: In the case of a weather emergency, you may be asked to vacate the area. Failure to do so may result in police action.  This is an enforceable mandate put in place by Homeland Security.

BOARD OF HEALTH: Food safety guidelines will be provided with your letter of acceptance and must be adhered to without fail. Please note the Johnny Appleseed Festival guidelines are identical to operating under a Board of Health permit. Questions should be directed to your area chairperson. Vendors not complying with stated guidelines will be shut down.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: All Festival participants working with an open fire OR operate games or activities that require the public to be surrounded by bales of straw must have at minimum an approved and up to date 10lb. COMMERCIAL GRADE (ABC type) fire extinguisher at the fire site. Vendors working with grease OR oils are required to additionally have a Class K extinguisher.

COOKING HEAT: Cooking heat must be provided by means appropriate to the period. Electricity or propane will not be permitted. Also, metal warming cabinets, coolers, and other modern items must be kept covered in appropriate material and/or stored out of view.

BREAKDOWN PLAN: There will be no vehicle line up on Saturday or Sunday awaiting closing time. Vehicles will not be permitted to line up outside the gates. Once the festival closes for the day, only then will vehicles be permitted to begin entry to the grounds. There is a designated area for dumping hot charcoal from cookers if you are not removing them with your cooking device, please verify this location with your chairperson. Do not dump hot coals and ash in the river.

For any additional food related questions, contact your area chairperson at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.