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Food Vendor Rules & Guidelines - Application

The following terms and conditions, additional rules and guidelines for consideration for being an Food Area vendor. All vendors acknowledge they will abide by these rules per the submission of your application.

These rules & requirements are supplement to the overall general guidelines noted on our website under – general vendor information.


  • One (1) twenty by twenty food (20’x20′) tent without sides per food booth.  There are tent poles at the center of each side (for planning purposes.
  • Security
  • First aid facilities
  • ATM Services
  • Trash removal
  • Comfort stations
  • Continuous entertainment on multiple stages
  • Information booth
  • Event marketing and publicity
  • Quality control
  • Crowd control

SET UP: May begin on the Friday prior to festival weekend at 12:00 p.m. until dark and again on Saturday from 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS BY 9:00 a.m. ON BOTH DAYS WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Security of merchandise is vendor’s responsibility. (See your application for dates)

ALLOWED FOOD VENDORS: Food vendors that make their food onsite or have their food product made offsite in a commercial or Allen County Board of Health approved facility are allowed.  Home based food made products (products made in a home and brought in to be sold) are not acceptable food area vendors.  These types of vendors must apply in our Farmer’s Market area of the festival.

COOKING HEAT: Cooking heat must be provided by means appropriate to the period. Electricity or propane will not be permitted. Also, metal warming cabinets, coolers, and other modern items must be kept covered in appropriate material and/or stored out of view.

TENTS: Johnny Appleseed Festival supplies one (1) 20’x20′ tent without sides for each food vendor.  Vendors choosing to provide their own OR have a 3rd party tent rented and installed larger than this must first get permission from JAF.  The 3rd party tent must be all white, no coloring, no window sides.  Tents larger than 400 sq. ft. must have a permit from the Allen County Building Department and inspected by same prior to festival.  Vendor is responsible for permitting fees.  Vendor owned tents should be canvas and can have period appropriate colorings and designs.  If your tent has not previously been used at JAF, please submit a photo to the food chair for review and consideration.

%SPLITS: Participants are required to submit a detailed financial statement in the format provided by the Festival Board, along with a check for 20% of the net profit. This form will be sent with the final mailing before the Festival. This form and check are due to your area chairperson no later than November 1st of the same year. Failure to meet this deadline will jeopardize your status for future Festivals.  Paid labor is not a deductible expense.

CONTRACTS: Applications are non-negotiable and NON-TRANSFERRABLE. If you are accepted into the festival, please do not send someone else in your place because they will not be allowed to set up. If you are sharing a booth, both dealer names must appear on the application.

QUALITY: The quality control committee reserves the right to ask vendors to remove items not appropriate for sale or décor.

BOOTH APPEARANCE: All tables are to be supplied by the dealers. Tables must be skirted to the ground with materials appropriate to the mid-19th century. No plastic shelving will be allowed. Please use wooden crates, boxes or similar containers to display merchandise. STORAGE BOXES MUST BE COVERED IN AN APPROPRIATE MANNER. Plastic or aluminum lawn chairs are not permitted. No canvas, canopies, or other privately owned coverings will be allowed except at night for booth coverings. One wooden chair and one straw bale are supplied to you per booth area.

WEATHER EVACUATIONS: In the case of a weather emergency, you may be asked to vacate the area. Failure to do so may result in police action.  This is an enforceable mandate put in place by Homeland Security.

BOARD OF HEALTH: Food safety guidelines will be provided with your letter of acceptance and must be adhered to without fail. Please note the Johnny Appleseed Festival guidelines are identical to operating under a Board of Health permit. Questions should be directed to your area chairperson. Vendors not complying with stated guidelines will be shut down.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: All Festival participants working with an open fire OR operate games or activities that require the public to be surrounded by bales of straw must have at minimum an approved and up to date 10lb. COMMERCIAL GRADE (ABC type) fire extinguisher at the fire site. Vendors working with grease OR oils are required to additionally have a Class K extinguisher.

DRESS: Your appearance needs to comply with our period dress requirements.  You can learn more about appropriate appearances for men, women and children in our general vendor guidelines area.

ACCEPTANCE: All applicants are carefully screened. You will be notified by mail or email of your acceptance into the Festival. Notifications will be made after the application deadline date. Please contact your area representative if you do not receive notification after thirty (30) days of the application deadline date.

DAILY RAIN POLICY: In the event of rain, goods may be protected by plastic or similar material. Rain gear is acceptable. You may elect to set up after 9:00 a.m., however no vehicles will be allowed to enter the grounds between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Saturday or 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Sunday. During this time, set up will be at each participant’s discretion. Under wet conditions, it will be acceptable to spread straw in your area. If participants follow the rain policy guidelines, their status will not be in jeopardy for future Festival participation.

TEAR DOWN: Vehicles may not enter the property or line up on the grounds or on city streets prior to the 5pm end of the festival.

INSURANCE: The Johnny Appleseed Festival Board suggests each vendor provide their own liability insurance.

SALES TAX: State taxes, when applicable, must be paid by participating vendors.

These rules and guidelines are considered the terms and conditions you agree to abide by upon signing and submitting an application for consideration into the Johnny Appleseed Festival.

If you prefer to NOT apply online, use the PAPER APPLICTION – Download HERE – follow instructions, include payment and US mail.

Application for Food Vendors

Submissions for the 2024 Food Vendor Area Application open on 1/1/24 and will close 3/31/24 at midnight.
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